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Social Media Marketing Services

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google Places, Google+ and a host of other services have forever changed the way companies market themselves online. And while social media can be a cost-effective way to promote your company, special events and more, it can also have downstream effects on your company's reputation that may be difficult to anticipate. With over 16 years of online marketing experience, we can help your business make the most of social media while avoiding many of the common pitfalls.

Our Social Media Marketing services include:

  • Research and Competitive Analysis
    Our approach is to focus on sustainable and manageable social media efforts that support your other online marketing strategies. We will research the best social media sites and services for your business and analyze your competitor's social media strategies to help you stay competitive.
  • Social Media Campaign Development
    Whether it's a Facebook presence, a YouTube video strategy, or how to best use Twitter, we can help you develop and implement your social media marketing campaigns.  We have the experience to not only see the big picture, but to advise you on strategies that are both affordable and sustainable.
  • Social Media Campaign Management
    Monitoring your campaign, keeping your content fresh and relevant, and responding to the needs of your audience are all vital to ensuring the success of your social media campaigns. Whether you choose to manage these tasks in-house or through our team, we can customize our support to meet your needs.

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